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Anagarigam Movie Stills

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Anagarigam Movie Stills

Cast: Vibu, prajwal, Vagitha, Rishikesh, Bobbylona
Direction: Krishna Devan
Music: Kalaiselva
nagarikam is not at all appropriate even to kill time and is solely targeted to please voyeurs. The common point that it shares with the Malayalam film Rathinirvedam is that it has a message that any unnatural relationship never has a happy ending and between the message is sandwiched a two hour plus sleazy narration. Rathinirvedam is atleast true to it’s story and has strong family values showing dissent and disapproval to inept behaviour but this one is designed to only titillate and make money.

Released in Tamil as Anagarigam in 2011 it begins with a young and handsome chemistry lecturer, looking lost, unkempt and forlorn writing on the blackboard and addressing the class to an imaginary woman. The rest of the story is about who this woman is and what could be the reason for his sad state of affairs.

The chemistry lecturer and his wife who works for a software company lead a happy life and one fine day enters the wife’s friend and woos her husband. The wife leaves the house in a huff and so does the friend leaving the poor lecturer lusting for his maid’s daughter who happens to be his student.

The maid is a typical filmi mother who works in umpteen houses to eke out a living and to pay for her daughter’s education, she is dark and unattractive whereas the daughter is as white as milk and goes to the chemistry lecturer’s house for tutions in garments worn at the Fashion Week. The director stumbles while portraying the character of the student, on one hand he shows her as a virtuous woman and on the other as a person with negative thoughts. The film clearly points out how costumes can wreck a film’s narration and intention.

The finale is distressing with the lecturer turning insane, wife returning to him and the student coming with her husband for their blessings. The title is used only on one occasion in the film when the student willingly tells her lecturer that what they were indulging in is ‘Anagarikam’.


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